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Nov 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
been single, honey. an those of us know, we know who we are in terms of the placement and how men look at us. she's the weekend girl. she's not the keeper, unfortunately. and she's a little crazy. so, you know. and then fadre, you make great-looking babies. but fadre, please get off the show. just leave. i hate her story line, you know what i'm saying? i leave the room to brush my teeth and come back. and cynthia, i leave to take a shower and i come back. but even though she's as boring as i don't know what, and peter was so not supportive last night and it made me want to vomit. she's got these five boys and he's acting all non-supportive. but you know why cynthia is good on the show? beuse they need a nice, calm character that soothes everybody ands a good friend. if there's one thing cynthia is, she's a good friend. yeah. [ applause ] >> wendy: mama joyce. joyce even tried to turn wylie, the little girl, against todd. love that riley., the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the little girl, against todd. love that rile, the litt
Nov 1, 2013 5:00pm EDT
. it's tough out here for us girls. anyway, good luck, eva. so lady gaga is on the cover of one of my favorite magazines, "glamour." she's posing like models pose. can you do it? bring your elbows together. we were practicing on the show. do it, do it. inside she was asked does she think she's beautiful. she was actually interviewed by our friend andy cohen for the article and inside she was asked, you know, among other things do, you think you're beautiful. and here's what she said. i'm not conventionally beautiful. i'm okay with that. i'm not a supermodel. that's not what i do. what i do is music. i like that. another thing, i don't find her to be a classic beauty but she's far from being unattractive and sometimes being the unconventional beauty is the best kind of beauty, like keeping a space between your teeth or giant nose or pushed back forehead or something like that. come on, guys. i can never be a grown-up here. you have to pull me back to being stupid and kiddy-like. you know what i'm saying. unconventional beauty is and gaga also says she doesn't like when people call her
Nov 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
, there's some of us who we realize, gosh, we bit off more than we can chew, i want to get back to my regular life. can i stub a toe? can i faint? can i get a doctor's note saying i have sciatica, what? i understand what yo did and why you did it. [ applause ] allegedly. hey, the singer, adele, we haven't talked about her in a long time. i have a nice story to share. depending on the type of person you are, i have a nice story. she reportedly declined, miss adele did, a huge $19 million deal to become the face of l'ore l'oreal. well, she's worth $ million and she didn't want to be associated with -- she didn't want to bessociated with outside products. i respect her integrity. $19 million. i respect that. i sew respect that. she didn't sell out. she's only 25 years old. you know, she's got that cute new baby. she sings like nobody's business and people love her. there's nothing wrong if she did take that cover gir thing, but the idea that she didn't, i like her even more. i remember back in the day before mariah carey had her perfume and before she had that nail polish that she does,
Nov 5, 2013 5:00pm EST
it." she gave us all the cher we love. the sexy outfits. everything a bit too small and we love that. the good hair. but i love this look right here with the feathers and the other one. i mean -- she gave everything that we love cher about. but she did have some beginner's nervousness. at the judge's table. she gave -- she kept giving people, even people who didn't deserve it, nines. like she's scared to judge. it's easy to judge people if you're an internet gangster behind a screen. it's ease to judge if you're judging from our couch while you watch "dancing with the stars" or some of the judges shows. it's difficult to break somebody's heart when you know they've worked hard to get there. i get it. she was giving everyone nines at at one point she said her own name instead of giving -- just look. >> nine, nine, nine. nine. nine. cher. [ applause ] >> and jennifer and casper showed up in the audience to support leah remini. i love the randomness of that. that is jennifer lopez. what is she doing every tuesday night. she works monday night. she's supporting her friend. that's cool. [
Nov 7, 2013 5:00pm EST
. but according to "the star" ashley is also a regular use of fillers and plumpers. listen, she's still very young. she's like 29 years old. she's been married and divorced and has a child, but i have to say, that is the best use of filler work. as a modern woman i say do what you need to do. especially if you have a sister as beautiful as jessica simpson and you're the frog on the side. it's jessica who has a problem with her doing this. probably because jessica doesn't want her sister to be as pretty as her. you know you pretty girls are. you always want to be the pretdiepret prettiest one in the room. don't tell jess what you do. go get the procedures. wait a month or two and then go see her. but ashley you better be careful, because from what i can see you haven't worked in a long time. and so your sister jessica with the fabulous clothing line and shoe line she has, ashley is the main model. she's the face of the line. now from business standpoint i get what jessica is saying. they are not meant for high glamour girls. they're really great bohemian and earthy. the comfortable stuff. the good
Nov 14, 2013 5:00pm EST
all the time. mariah is sick of it. she's tired of him using her as the butt of joks. i don't believe that. i don't believe they're fighting. yeah, yeah. you don't believe it either? no. so let's talk about the jacksons because we have to. [ applause ] i don't particularly like talking about them anymore because it's always something seedy and sad and it seems as though every story about them that you read about and talk about here on "hot topics" has to do with kicking michael's dearly departed back in because the family is bad with business. now they're fighting still over the death of michael jackson. last month the jackson fily lost that $40 billion wrongful death lawsuit against the concert promoter aig. they also do not have abig legal bill from that. allegedly what they did, they told the lawyer, we will -- you know, we'll pay you if we win, then we'll give you a percentage. they didn't win so nobo got nothing. now mrs. jackson is going back in to appeal the jury's verdict. mrs. jackson, you are 81 years old. sit down and rest. [ applause ] >> wendy: you, ma'am, with all due re
Nov 8, 2013 5:00pm EST
irresponsible, they areimply being like the rest of us. they're modern women, and sometimes when we get holof those old-fashioned girls, the men don't like it because their men feel like, what is she learning from being with you all? she's learning to be independent. now all of a sudden she wants a divor divorce. uh-huh. todd says that if she and candy and hanging out with the other girls are the reason for thir divorce. well, probably. probably. but, you know what, if it wasn't you-all, it would be somebody. you can't keep an outstandingly gorgeous girl like porsha down for long before she understands. [ applause ] >> wendy: i mean -- i think we can probably all agree that she was way less than smahen w were first -- okay? when we were first introduced to her on tv and that's how kordell wanted her to stay. good for porsha for smartening up and breaking free and we'll see you next week when you get here. and then, you know, when it comes to candy's own relationship problems, ndys blaming someone else. me. i know! well, here is what she says. okay. he here's what candy says. last year when we
Nov 6, 2013 5:00pm EST
democratic mayor in the city since david dinkins back in the day. his wife, mrs. de blasio used to be a full-blown lesbian. okay. she wrote about it herself in "essence" magazine, you see. you thought i was outing her or something. no, i'm not that girl. listen, she wrote about it in "essence" magazine years ago before she met mr. de blasio, bill de blasio. so i was asking my producers, well, are you allowed to li turn in your g pass after you're finished with it? you know what we all agreed? it's different for women than it is for men. so she was probably going through something and in college and having fun and then she meets this 6'5" bill, attractive now, but you should see him back in the day. and then they have the two squirrely kids, dante in his afro. just congratulations de blasio. [ applause ] also, i want to shout out to governor chris christie in new jersey. the governor re-elected. that was him last night. can i talk with the surgery he got for weight loss? what happened? gov, like, i don't notice a difference. i'm sorry. i don't notice a difference. maybe there is
Nov 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
was invited but didn't rsvp because she was in africa. she told us that when she was on the show. she said she had to go to africa. take a look at this clip and then we'll continue. >> my thing is this. and we're friends, a grown woman. >> i don't need you talking over me. >> i'm not talking over you. >> nene, listen, listen. let me tell you something. >> no, let me tell you something. as a grown woman, i make my decisions. any friend that i have will never tell me who i can and cannot talk to. >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying as a friend -- >> i'm not going to be thinking about whether she is going to be uncomfortable or not. [ applause ] >> wendy: there were a few things in that clip that i noticed, first of all, you never violate and touch somebody in their space, okay? that right there was a grown woman punch in the face about to happen. and i'm not even the violent type, but don't get in the personal space. i'm surprised nene didn't overreact to that which in my book she would have had a right to. the second thing that i noticed in that clip was that the:(7q fashion queen in the backgro
Nov 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
out of millions of dollars and she's finally ready to tell her story. she's giving us the exclusive. please welcome to our show the one and only pebbles. you look good. hi. hi. nice to meet ou i like your shoes. let's get a shoe cam before we get started. cute. you got a little bit of lipstick on your teeth. >> i figured i did. >> wendy: hair in your eyes. you look good. so this is our first time meeting. thank y so much for coming here and telling your stor you've been blamed for more than 20 years for cheating tlc out of millions of dollars. >> right. >> wendy: and it was depicted in the movie tt we all saw on vh-1. how come you never came out and talked about this and defended yourse years ago? >> it's a lot to it. i can only tell certain things because there's confidentiality agreements. i was a mom. a lot happening. >> wendy: you were ased of cheating them out of millions. if you didn't do it or if that was a half truth. >> it was complete lie. but once again there's confidentiality, you went through bankruptcy, actually settled in that case and people saw things but it was se
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10